Corey takes a much deserved break this week, and Todd promotes additional podcasts that open up the brain pan as well, including the No Agenda Show, the Scott Horton Show, and the American Underground Network weekly Talkshoe.  Todd recaps last week’s episode and how important it is to re-listen to the details and history that is shared by special guest “JP”.  Financial contributors are thanked, and the following letter from Bryan is read aloud, regarding episode #129, which is played back in its entirety for the rest of this week’s episode. Corey’s fabulous and detailed show notes are celebrated and the proposal that real tax reform begins in your living room is once again promoted by playing back episode #129

Letter form Bryan Re Ep #129

Hey Corey;
Thanks for having the time with such a well researched guest. The show hasn’t been nearly as exciting recently without the impending danger of you going to prison. (Which is less fun for the listeners, but I doubt you want to live with that kind of ‘excitement’ as I know I wouldn’t.)I think this was the most insightful episode in the entire series where everything was laid out at an impressive level of detail. Impressively, it seemed that your research only became further refined from the guest’s work.

In regards to application, I hope there will be some well-defined case-law in the future, so that I myself could make the transition. Keep up the good work.

Here’s the password protected PDG posting
Links to references made by Todd in the introduction:
American Underground Network: