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Dear Agenda31 Listener,
NO ONE is holding gov-co accountable like Corey Eib is....NO ONE.

Your $31 per month subscription will fuel Corey's odyssey in securing rights the federal government is bound to uphold. 

Corey's averment of his Article IV state citizenship is the most peaceful and effective pathway to ensuring the Bill of Rights is enforced, and the several states that created the United States are guaranteed a republican form of government.

Corey has exposed the lies, fraud and theft of one of the largest government leviathan's in the world, the State of California. He's been effective in maintaining his status as a Californian amidst the most oppressive and corrupt so-called justice system found in Orange County, California.  He's successfully maintained a professional and peaceful co-existence with one of the largest and most militarized sheriff's departments in the world while living in the Los Angeles area.

And, as of April 2016, Corey has been doing all of this on a shoe-string.

He needs our financial support if he is going to pursue the diversity of citizenship case to its most effective and logical conclusion in an Article III federal court.  He's made all the right moves to be positioned so capably and he has the intelligence, stamina and demeanor to do ultimately fulfill the vision Justice Thomas Clarence stated in the Mack-Printz v US Supreme Court case:

"Perhaps, at some future date, this Court will have the opportunity to determine whether Justice Story was correct when he wrote that the right to bear arms 'has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a republic.'"

So, here's the plan everyone!

Let's get 100 awake and aware listeners of Agenda31 to be executive producers and commit to a $31 per month contribution to Corey's effort for 12 months, and in one year we will see just how far Corey has been able to take this battle with a very very modest $3,100 per month support for the lowest risk, highest reward plan in America.

Agenda31_Compass_UnEngravedAnd for stepping up and assisting with this bold strategy to make a difference, the Agenda31 podcast will provide you the following:

  • Assist you in creating your own Article IV State Citizen identification and Averment Declaration
  • Access to all court records and communications related to Corey's case(s) during your subscription
  • A monthly (maybe more frequent) exclusive conference call with Corey to discuss the case, share ideas and ask questions
  • A brass oil balanced compass, engraved with Oath of Office and Agenda31, perfect for your car or desk and a great conversation starter!

For those that cannot afford the $31 per month, but want to be a part of a strategy to make a difference, and still have access to Corey's efforts, send an email to and share your value for value proposition so we can consider including you, as well.

The price for membership is $31.00 per Month.

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