Sodium Fluoride Poison Warning Label

We’ve had some debilitating technical issues over the last couple weekly episodes. Had to skip one week altogether and then couldn’t get Corey onto the show another week later (lost episode A31-007 will not be posted anytime soon). But, we seem to have worked out the kinks on the technology side and the folks at seem to have worked out the issues on the stream server (was being hacked, so you know they are over the target). Alas, on Saturday May 10, 2014 Agenda31 did have a live broadcast. Unfortunately, Corey Eib was not on the show as he was laid up attempting to pass a very painful kidney stone!

On today’s show, we cover a basic metric for measuring freedom in all 3100+ counties, wether or not your water supply is being dosed with a neural toxin industrial waste by-product, hydrofluoricilic acid. Additionally, we cover the Northwestern University study that asserts Americans are being ruled by an Oligarchy. And, we get into a deconstruction of the Common Core education curriculum, specifically, how Iowa’s governor Branstad issued an executive order that tried to assuage the critics of Common Core concerned with the loss of local control. | A31-008 | May 10, 2014

Referenced on the broadcast:


1. This chapter may be cited as the “Iowa Administrative
Procedure Act”
2. This chapter is intended to provide a minimum procedural code
for the operation of all state agencies when they take action
affecting the rights and duties of the public. Nothing in this
chapter is meant to discourage agencies from adopting procedures
providing greater protections to the public or conferring additional
rights upon the public

Dallas, Texas City Council Members Touch Third Rail of Ending Fluoridation of Water Supply

Not a Done Deal….

Dallas Fort Worth NBC Coverage:

Dallas Observer Coverage:


Obtain a Copy of the Contract to Fluoridate Your Water Supply Where You Live

Editorial Todd McGreevy wrote which contains links to all the references made on this broadcast is found here:

Click this link for a copy of the 1952 agreement to add Sodium Fluoride to the water supply in Davenport, Iowa: – Line item #6 references Sodium Fluoride.

Princeton-Northwestern Univ Study Declares America Run by an Oligarchy

Surprise, surprise…. Coverage:

Common Core Rebranded as Iowa Core in Iowa

There’s a handful of pundits parsing Branstad’s Oct 2013 EO… all espousing various perspectives on whether Iowa is now a Common Core standard state compelled to pay millions for mandated testing to privileged companies, and compelled to provide private data (more than ever) about Iowa’s children to a national monitoring database (another one).


Analysis is all over the map. It’s always best to go to the native document.

From gov-co:

From pundit who scanned the original or got a scan of the original:

It’s not a long EO and is worth reading if you want to understand the spin that is being served up for the us/them paradigm worshipers to graze at while gov-co slowly grinds forward in its acquisition of control over our lives.

The order is carefully crafted, but essentially toothless.

My favorite
WHEREAS, it is inappropriate for the federal government to require as a condition of application of federal grants the adoption of any federally developed standards;

weasel words
1 – inappropriate – translate: “It’s not cool, but we will comply.”
2 – condition of application – translate: “we will posture that we are not implementing extrinsic influence on our education policies when we apply at the federal trough, but when we go to cash the check, we realize we had better be in line with the requirements.”

famous last words:

The State of Iowa, not the federal government or any other organization, shall determine the content of Iowa’s state academic standards, which are known as the Iowa Core.

Doesn’t mean that the State of Iowa cannot itself determine it wishes to use the fed Common Core standards (with carrots and sticks)… and then rename it.
It was OUR decision to use the Common Core, not the feds.

Branstad has some shrewd copy writers.

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