Agenda31 Episode 057 - CHP's Hair Trigger

Corey recounts his roadside contact with California Highway Patrol on Wednesday November 26, 2015. The officers confiscated his car and insisted he sign a citation for lack of driver’s license, registration and insurance or go to jail. He likens the actions of the officers with regards to not recognizing his state citizenship and protections afforded therein, as well as executing the citation under penalty of perjury, and identifying him as a government owned birth record as to mis-firing a hair trigger dueling weapon. The hair trigger reference harkens to the famous duel between David Terry and David Broederick in 1859.

Corey’s Facebook Post After Nov 26, 2015 CHP Contact & Confiscation of Car 

Lots of personal messages today about my ‪#‎CHP‬ ticket. I don’t have all the answers at the moment, but I do have a strategy. This is a contest similar to a boxing match or a battle. You can train and have a plan, but when you get in the ring the goal is to avoid getting hit, while knocking out your opponent. I am playing the game to win, not just to get a verdict of some sort but to inflict as much corrective pain upon CA organs of government who violate the secured rights of the People of California, organized by the 1849 Constitution. All the questions I have received so far are basically the same, ‘What are you going to do now?” etc. Follow along on the podcast on as Todd and I will deconstruct events, updates and developments as well as all files, court dates etc., will be posted each week. To make sure you don’t miss a post, subscribe, it is free (of course we gratefully accept donations to help with the costs of these types of battles, as I play the game full on to the best of my ability) Here are some of the facts surrounding the case: CA Commercial code 9307(h) “The United States is Located in the District of Columbia” The officer stated that the stop occurred in the United States, however he could not respond to explain how this was happening or offer any other code which contradicted CA Comm Code 9307h. The officer also stated on the citation that the stop occurred in the “City of Los Angeles” – law is all about being very precise. The signs which indicate the borders of Los Angeles do not display “City of Los Angeles.” This is because the ‘City of Los Angeles’ is located in the United States, it is a political subdivision of the United States located at 444 N Capitol Way NW, Washington, District of Columbia. Los Angeles is located within the boundaries of California as stated in the Constitution of 1849. The Jurisdiction of the United States has always been within the boundaries of the District of Columbia – see DC Boundary Stone NW7, set in 1792. The identification I presented was unambiguously absent any reference to a FIRST/MIDDLE/LAST name, yet the citation presented is in this specific sequence. The officer admitted ‘this is just how we do this’ and ‘it is what is in our system’ – The government is prevented from creating titles of nobility, I contend imposing the political obligations of a state issued and state owned birth record that indicates the person is a bastard (use of mother’s maiden name – check our birth certificate, if your parents were married when you were conceived, the government tricked them into thinking you are a bastard, in this Republic under the common law of England (see the CIA world Factbook – common law system based on English common law at the federal level; state legal systems based on common law except Louisiana, which is based on Napoleonic civil code; judicial review of legislative acts), being a bastard is a type of crime known as ‘bastardy’ which is why your mother is listed as ‘informant’ on the birth record. The CA Veh Code @ 21052 indicates who is required to have a driver license, of the list of persons indicated and employment by ‘this state’. None of which apply to me, and the officers did not have an answer as to which class of person they believed me to be (the supervisor said he had never seen that code before), their response was that it didn’t matter and that I could ‘pick one.’ To obtain a license, the CA DMV application form DL44 requires me to certify that my presence is authorized in the United States, however there is no government agency as of yet that will explain what body of law governs whether my presence is authorized in the United States or not (hint, I believe it requires consent, which they do not have at any level of government). There is much more, but these are some of the details and issues I will be focused on. My actual course of action depends on, much like a battle, what moves my opponent makes. It is possible the citation may not be accepted by the courts. Here is a link to a very important piece of information regarding citations that anyone with a driver license should keep a copy of, it has the info that covers the use of citations and how they are constructed, none of the more than half dozen officers who were on scene had ever heard of the Judicial Council. One key element to this form is that the citation does not have my signature on it, it is unambiguously that of an agent (a copy of the citation will be posted on the next A31 podcast notes, we will also discuss what this means and which body of law this ‘agent status’ relates to). For those who have never heard of the concept of State Citizenship, when the Republic was first formed, it was simple to determine if you were in the United States or not. However, after a couple hundred years of attorneys, civil war, and a dumbed down public edumacation system, this concept is much more difficult to discern from standard U.S. citizenship the govco wants you to embrace. It is my sincere hope that the efforts from this case, whether successful or not, shine light on the all important status of citizenship of the framers of the constitution since the framers gave absolutely no thought or consideration to protecting US citizens at the time the Constitution was drafted. From here I will randomly post updates, but the go to source for all the details and events will be the Agenda31 website and podcast. I was not set up to get proper video when I was stopped, but I did get some audio which will be posted on the website as well. I’ve already ordered from the CHP copies of everything they have under rules of informal discovery, and of course I’ll be ordering the citing officer as well as the supervising officer’s oath from the Secretary of State. Also, since my strategy is to escalate as quickly as possible, other players will be: CHP commissioner Joseph Farrow: Transportation Secretary Brian Kelly: As well as Governor Edmund Brown (Toilet brown), as these three individuals also have personal responsibility for the defense and preservation of California 1849 and its people. ‪#‎statecitizen‬ ‪#‎noagenda‬ ‪#‎freedom‬ ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎dmv‬ ‪#‎nolicense‬ ‪#‎govco

Citation CJ56370.Redact.DOB.DL#

California Vehicle Code

Cal. Veh. Code §21052


California Inside United States, United States Located in District of Columbia

California Commercial Code 9307(h)







Signature By Representative