Corey and Todd explore how the gov-co inverts the system they administer such as issuing currency they call money but it really debt and presuming that the people are residents rather than people of the several states. The serving of subpoenas by friend of the show Luis to the tow company that holds Corey’s stolen property the PT Cruiser and the dealership where the car originated is discussed. Former Harney County Oregon fire marshall Chris Briels is discussed and how he discovered FBI agents posing as militia lurking around an armory prompted him to resign from his life of gov-co service. The out of control government proliferation of nuclear weapons is discussed and the telegraphing of things to come is laid out in clips from the Captain America movie, Winter Soldier. And lots more…

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Oregon Fire Chief Catches FBI Agents Posing as Militia – Quits His Job in Protest

The Biggest Threat

TowYard.Subpoena_Duces_TecumServed Copy from Silvestri

CarDealer.Subpoena_Duces_Tecum.Service Copy from Luis Silvestri

CoreyEib.1-9-2016 Informal Discovery Request_LosAngeles.DistrictAttorney