More updates on the charade of so called justice in the LA superior courts regarding Corey’s case is shared, including how Corey has gone through five court appointed attorneys who refuse to take this tar baby case.  Todd plays back a recording of his attempt to redeem a US Postal Money Order at the local post service office and the complete discretion the clerks have to refuse to cash such an instrument based on their own personal comfort level.  The audio from a video of a US/Mexican border – umm, pre-border – checkpoint is played back and reviewed. Support letter from Utah shows more and more people using their common law Article IV state citizen ID successfully. How Hawaii and Alaska are not actual states of the union is revealed. Gary Johnson’s statement about the EPA as good is briefly discussed, and more…. 

California vs CA



Border Checkpoint: Just Tell Us You Are a US Citizen

Postal Money Orders & USPS Clerk’s Comfort Zone

Domestic Mail Manual – Postal Money Orders

12.3.3 Identification

When presenting a money order for payment, the customer seeking payment must sign in the presence of a USPS employee; suitable identification can be required. The USPS may refuse payment on any money order when the identity of the customer seeking payment is not proved to the satisfaction of the employee.


Mail Covers Spying on State Citizens?

During the Watergate hearings in 1973, postal mail surveillance was one of the issues brought to light. The programs were stopped, but mail covers continue to this day. In a criminal case, the USPS can be authorized use mail covers: to take photos of and record the information on the outside container, envelope, or label of anything it handles, and it may record the name and address of the sender and recipient, along with the place and date of the postmark, into a database. According to a source familiar with mail covers, there are tens of thousands of mail covers performed each year.


Alaska and Hawaii Part of the Union, But Not One of the Several States