Propaganda by state sponsored radio is reviewed for its subtle reinforcement of the importance of factions and groups within federal citizenship, despite no one inside that jurisdiction having their rights secured. Changing a diaper in Arizona could now result in a contact with law enforcement to check you out just like driving a car.  Are the federal congressional actors, who are feckless and posturing against federal agencies they deem to hold accountable, while banks like Wells Fargo get away with fraud and crimes, violating their own oaths of office? 1940’s sponge diver in Florida almost averred Article IV state citizenship. Deeper dive on Faith Penington’s crusade to be a federal citizen, the efficacy of the Texas bill that “saved” her, and some of the rest of the story with her father. Henson Ong speaks truth to power about reasons owning firearms is a secured right, and poses effective question as to why we didn’t have  senseless gun violence decades ago? Agenda21 continues inside the water district wars in California. And, the chat room has one of its most prolific trolls challenging Corey’s ability to get his PT Cruiser out of the tow yard after the CHP stole it.

NPR’s Existential Authoritaay: Who are America’s people?

US Citizens and Residents of Arizona Branch of Federal Government Who Change Diapers Could Be Class 2 and 3 Felonies

 Feckless Congress

House Committee Votes 19-15 to Send Contempt Order to Full House

Wells Fargo Skates, Buffet Practice What He Preaches?’s-strike-three-for-warren-buffett-as-wells-fargo-faces-investigation/ar-BBwB2TD?li=BBnbfcL

1941 Sponge Diver Aver’d Article IV State Citizenship?


Doomsday Device for Citizens, When All Other Rights Fail

Court case cited at end of statement above:

Bill Hicks: Why Pick the Way You Learn From TV?

Faith Pennington’s Efforts to Become a Federal Citizen – Texas HB2794

KNOWLEDGE. (a) A parent of a person who is seeking a delayed birth 
certificate under this subchapter shall sign an affidavit of 
personal knowledge acknowledging that the individual is the parent 
of the person seeking the delayed birth certificate if:
             (1)  the person seeking a delayed birth certificate, a 
managing conservator or guardian of the person, or, if the person is 
a minor, another person with custody of the minor has requested the 
person’s parent to sign the affidavit of personal knowledge; and
             (2)  the parent’s affidavit of personal knowledge is 
necessary for the issuance of the birth certificate because the 
person seeking the delayed birth certificate is unable to provide 
sufficient alternative documentary evidence as required by Section 



Peaceful Civil Disobedience: We The People Foundation’s Blue Folder Regarding Individuals Handling Their Own Withholding Taxes with Federal Gov-Co


Agenda 21 Alerts in California

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