Kurt Kallenbach Joins Corey & Todd to Discuss Averring Article IV vs Possessing Article IV State Citizenship.






This Week’s Email Reminder

Greetings Fellow Article IV Wannabes, A pattern in emerging here… Sunday morning is working out best for live to tape broadcasting of the weekly installment of the Lowest Risk, Highest Reward Podcast in the Universe. Tune in tomorrow via http://www.Agenda31.org/stream.  Corey found another case that evidences the duality and differences between Article IV and 14th Amendment citizenship and the protections or guarantees that ownership of said citizenship entails. And we hope to comment on Kurt Kallenbach’s latest communication from the DOJ. In the meantime, Corey has continued his effort to get an ArticleIV case into an ArticleIII court and produced a fun 6 min video of him taking the subway to LA federal courthouse(s) and being denied access without gov-co issued ID. Spoiler alert: no cameras in the courthouse, slave. But, it is a great documentation of Low Risk, High Reward activity and has a great soundtrack. Supporters of Agenda31 can watch that video at this page: https://test.agenda31.org/video-corey-denied-entrance-at-federal-court/ Donations can be made here: https://test.agenda31.org/membership-account/subscription-levels/ What’s your strategy to make a difference? Cheers, Corey + Todd p.s. Tune into the No Agenda Show with Adam Curry and John C Dvorak tomorrow for their live media deconstruction and international news like no other at 11am CST at http://www.NoAgendaStream.com. Then, hear the latest episode of Agenda31 on the playback after their live broadcast, typically around 2pm CST on the NAS!