In the Morning! Today’s episode addresses “a guy writing a book”‘s assertion that Agenda 31’s goal “is to look like you know what you’re talking about, to an audience of conspiracy theorists, rather than actually figuring things out in the real world. That you’re looking for respect and admiration from a gullible crowd, along with a little bit of money.”  Sometimes the show just writes itself…

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Paper Todd cited: IMF-De-Cashing-Paper

Was the California 1849 State Constitution Repealed? Is it still in effect for Article IV state citizens?

Because there is no clear evidence of any repealing legislation, we must rely on you to provide the specific statute citation in which you are interested. Source: From: ArchivesWeb <>

See episodes 058 and 059 for more on how no evidence that California and Iowa original constitutions were never repealed or replaced, at least for the people of the several states.

California 1879 Election Order

A31 Source:

Why don’t Corey and Todd just take these classes? 

Course syllabus:

Brushaber Case: